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The Villas do Atlântico Inn, located in Villas do Atlântico, between famous beaches of coastal north of the Bahia, as Praia do Forte, Arembepe, Costa do Sauípe and the tourist points so known as Farol de Itapõa (for some also called of Itapuã) , Pelourinho, Historical Center, Farol da Barra and of the Lagoon of the Abaeté (Lagoa do Abaeté).

It is very common also the people who comes to work in the city of camaçari, in the industrial region, to look lodging in Villas, since they do not want to be far from Salvador and at the same time they want a pretty place, quiet, with pretty people, a gorgeous beach and still next to where they are working. Villas belongs to the city of Lauro de Freitas, region metropolitan of Salvador.



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praia de vilas do atlântico

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